Thursday, June 25, 2009

And Now The Stories Begin.......

There are now friends speaking out about Michael and prescription drug abuse.
This is no surprise because like Anna Nicole and even Britney...being a celebrity (of course Michael was the biggest) sometimes causes individuals to bring people into their life who basically keep them drugged up.
The stories will indeed be insane as the weeks come.
So sad because I know these concerts in London were going to be huge. I was so excited to see him comeback because he loved the music and his fans.
I also read not too long ago that he'd been getting trained physically by Lou Ferrigno and Hulk Hogan in preparation for the concerts. A bit much, but hey...
The overall sigh in Times Square was saddening as individuals read the news of his death scroll across the light boards.
Anyway, my condolences go out to his family and friends.
So sad for the kids. They may not understand right now in their grief, but they'll soon be proud to be able to celebrate the life of their father....honestly the most famous individual on this planet I think.

* 1971: "Got to Be There"
* 1972: "Rockin Robin"
* 1972: "Ben"
* 1979: "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough"
* 1980: "Rock With You"
* 1980: "Off The Wall"
* 1980: "She's Out Of My Life"
* 1983: "The Girl Is Mine" (with Paul McCartney)
* 1983: "Billie Jean"
* 1983: "Beat It"
* 1983: "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
* 1984: "Human Nature"
* 1984: "P.Y.T."
* 1984: "Say Say Say" (with Paul McCartney)
* 1984: "Thriller"
* 1985: "We Are The World"
* 1987: "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (with Siedah Garrett)
* 1987: "Bad"
* 1988: "The Way You Make Me Feel"
* 1988: "Man In The Mirror"
* 1988: "Dirty Diana"
* 1989: "Smooth Criminal"
* 1991: "Black or White"
* 1992: "Remember The Time"
* 1992: "In The Closet"
* 1993: "Will You Be There"
* 1995: "Scream"(with Janet Jackson)
* 1995: "You Are Not Alone"
* 2001: "You Rock My World"

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