Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eminem - Warning ft Mariah Carey Diss Song Over Obsessed!!!!

Wow, this is crazy.
It'll be interesting to see how this turns out cuz Mr. Cannon don't want it.

Katie And Suri Walk In The Rain

Miss Suri and Katie took a walk while on the set of “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark” on Wednesday
Katie has been shooting in Melbourne Australia for the past month while Tom is working in LA. They are experiencing the Australian winter while we enjoy the summer.
Haven't had a Suri fix for a while......

Gorgeous Penelope

The Sexy Senorita attended the London film premiere of Broken Embraces this morning.
She looks gorgeous in the red pant suit.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Katy Perry And Rihanna

These two appear to be besties for the moment.
They met up at a post concert party at Griffin in NY on Tuesday.
Rihanna and those claws...not working.
There's no way you can clean your body correctly with nails like that!
Yuck RiRi!

Housewives Of ATL Party

Well ladies the season 2 premiere is tomorrow night!
The ladies had a big bash at the W Hotel in ATL last night.
Honestly, after the realness of the Jersey girls, ATL is more fake than ever...I just really can't stand Nene...but anyway, here they come! honey! All those fabulous gay assistants she has and no one thought to tell her she's not 21 years old rockin' that craziness?!?!

Tiny & Toys (who I now adore) also were in the house.

Speaking of Toya, seems like she's done a major upgrade in the looks dept. by dating James Hardy of the Buffalo Bills.
In an upcoming episode, she goes out on a blind date with him and it looks like they had some chemistry since I hear it's serious.
Good for you Toya!

Kanye And Amber Enjoy NY.

Shopping at Jeffery's.

M2 Lounge.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Say It Aint So...Kim K And Reggie Break Up.

Kardashian's rep confirmed to E! that she and Reggie Bush have broken up. This comes right after a trip to South Africa.
I'm surprised and also not surprised...
Both are "very sad" about the split, a source says. "They love each other a lot and hope someday they can make it work. But for now, he starts his football season this week and Kim starts filming season four of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and they just need this time apart."

Well, you have to do what you have to do based on your own personal priorities.
They were a cute couple and what I've noticed about them is they seemed to love each other and appeared to have a good relationship UNTIL.....I noticed in videos that Reggie started walking ahead of Kim and just looking annoyed. Even when they got off the plane in South Africa, he walked quickly ahead of her and she kept having to run up to him to catch him. I've also heard from some people that know the them have always been surprised that they got along since she loves the camera while he doesn't need a camera around 24/7.

Whatever the case may be, I think Kim will be in the box this season for some of his games...I think they'll spend a little more time together before she lets him go.

Gaga In Undies!

Lady GaGa was spotted leaving her concert held at Stadtpark in Hamburg, Germany on Sunday night (July 26).

Love to see her live her dreams through music and fashion.

I Ain't Mad At Madonna!

Madonna and her "friend" Jesus tour Madrid, visiting the city's El Prado art museum and the Palacio Royal, Spain's royal palace on Friday.

As we all know, these two have been hangin' hard for a minute!

Go 'head with ya bad self...if a younger man is what you it, do it, do it!

As Usual...Jay And Bey Shopping In NY

Love me a good platform heel!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Leann Rimes And Hubby Split-Duh!

Last spring Leann was seen dining and kissing actor Eddie Cibrian. Rumors flared of an alleged affair and all their reps denied any wrong doings.

It has come to surface that LeAnn Rimes has been separated from her husband of seven years Dean Sheremet for a few months

I knew things would get worse when Leann started stalking Eddie after he and his wife made up over the whole affair situation.

Well, even before the affair...did you really think Leann and Dave would last forever??
I never got why she married a gay guy at such a young age....usually people try to hide a pregnancy or something and make sure they don't have the child out of wedlock but who knows with this case.

Surprise wedding first dance by Clay Family! U GOTTA C IT!!!

Pay attention around the 40 second mark....this is so cute and funny!
They really had a blast!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tisha Campbell's Baby Shower.

I love the theme! Cute!

This woman has already had twins and she's pregnant again! Something tells me this'll be her last :) She's expecting sometime next month.

Funny, Tisha's co-star, Jennifer Freeman (who plays her daughter on My Wife and Kids) is also pregnant....Jennifer just got engaged not too long ago.
Of course we all know Ms. Lauren London aka Lil' Wayne's 3rd/4th baby mama (based on who got pregnant first...her or Nivea...).
I wonder when she's due......

Leah Remini was also in attendance.

Inglorious Bastards London Premiere-Rihanna and Diane Kruger

Rihanna has a natural fierceness and the outfit is cool. The hair is a bit Fifth Element for me.

Diane looks adorable and of course I'd clock her over the head and drag her in an alley for those Christian Louboutins!
Love me some shoes! They are simply the best...who needs clothes when you're wearing a fierce pair of heels??

Gaga Fierce

Working the newspaper print as she leaves her hotel in Zurich, Switzerland on Tuesday.

Solange Shaves It All Off!

Not feeling it, but more power to her :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NAS talks birth of son-Knight Jones

Rihanna Partys Across The Pond

Here is the party girl spending the night out at Vendome nightclub in London on Tuesday.
She showed up with Jay-Z and a large entourage which has once again fueled the rumors of Jay and Ri hooking up.
They sat in the VIP section and racked up a $7000 bill.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Beastie Boy Adam Youch aka MCA Announces He Has Cancer

Such a legend and quite a scary announcement but lucky for him the cancer is localized and very treatable without affecting his voice.
Definitely a little setback with concert dates, etc.
Like he said, only a little setback.
Well wishes and a speedy recovery Adam!

More Frankie Drama!

Family....can't live with them, can't live without them.
I wish Frankie would relax for a second...I'm sure this is a strain on Keyshia always hearing or dealing with her mom being a hot mess in public.
You can take 'em out the hood....well we know the rest.
Anyway, here's the latest drama that went down according to FreddyO:

The altercation took place at Ryan’s Anniversary party 2 weeks ago and was really just a misunderstanding. Frankie wanted to take a picture with Chili cause she’s her biggest fan.

All I am going to say is Frankie had too many drinks and her alter-ego took over. Chili who was doing an interview at the time was caught by surprise when Frankie ran over to give her a hug. Frankie didn’t like Chili’s return hug.

Chili then walked to where Yung Joc was standing not thinking anything of it and started conversing with him. Out of nowhere, here comes Frankie leaping on top of me trying to get Chili and pushing everyone out of the way in the process.

“You think you better than me,” ” You think you better than me” again Frankie shouted to Chili. Remember, by this time Frankie was officially lit! Chili asked if she was ok and then Frankie tries to grab her again. Chili pushed her hand away and stating “Are you serious?”

Frankie then yelled “my daughter is better than you any way.”

Frankie then later went on Ryan Cameron’s radio show and apologized to Chili. She said it was all just a misunderstanding:

Frankie also talked about how industry people treat her like crap, “They treat me like I’m still a crackhead” she said almost seeming as if she was a about to cry. Frankie is a really sweet person,everyone has their own issues, she just cuts a fool at any given time especially when there’s liquor around. She said I really dont remember anything from that day but she wanted her to know(Chili) that she was sorry.

Kendra And Hank Are Having a Boy!

That baby bump is growing!
Kendra recently announced that she and Hank will be having a little boy, she kept saying that she knew she was having a boy from the moment she found out she was pregnant.
Congrats to the cute couple.

WOW Demi Moore!!!!

Girlfriend has a mohawk!!!!
Ashton recently posted this pic on Twitter.
She looks great!

Jane Aldridge For Vogue!!!!!

My favorite shoe fashionista, Jane Aldridge is in Vogue with her mom, Judy Aldridge.
They both have an amazing shoe/fashion game and just want to say congrats to Jane for making her dreams come true!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Michael Jackson,James Brown,and Prince on stage (1983 )

Pure Freshness.
Michael's singing his a** off and Prince is being Fierce Prince.

Friday, July 17, 2009

RiRi Shaves Off All Her Sides

Well look who was spotted leaving Da Silvano in NY yesterday with new swag.
I LOVE IT. For something more punk, it's definitely fab to shave it so low.
I'm dying to go back to that route, but I already have the stars going down my back so that would be a bit much. Can't take away my fierceness for this chick...I kid!
I love shaved heads!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tiny's Birthday Surprise

Ok, I can't lie, Tiny and Toya's show is growing on me a little.
It's always interesting for me to see women go through love and relationships and actually see how things work out and what choices they make for themselves.
Anyway, I love these pics of Tiny at her birthday party and even thought TI is locked up, he made her night special. This is like the girl's 3rd engagement ring! Love to see a couple stick together through thick and thin.

Little Boy News.....

This is what Soulja Boy recently posted on Twitter......hahahahahahha!!!!!!!!!
Since I am a grown woman, it's really gross to comment on this little boy so I'll leave it to the young girls.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Jessica And Tony Are Dunzo.

Well it looks like Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are no longer an item.
A close source to the couple told people magazine that Tony broke up with Jessica on July 9th, the night before her 29th birthday.
Jessica is supposedly heartbroken.
Due to the fact that they are both busy, Romo with football and Jessica filming her new reality show, The Price of Beauty, time apart also made the relationship difficult.
I liked these two together.

Update on Arturo Gatti's Death....

The former junior welterweight champ, Arturo Gatti, was discovered in his hotel room at the resort of Porto de Galihnas, where Gatti had arrived on Friday with his Brazilian wife Amanda and 1-year-old son.
Police investigating the death are working on the assumption his wife strangled him with her purse strap while he drunkenly slept Friday night. The woman's lawyer, however, insists she is innocent and was too "fragile" to kill a boxer.
Wow. Two athletes have been killed by their women in the past several days. Crazy.

Madonna And The Kiddies

Madge spends time with daughter Mercy James, 4, and son David Banda, 3, as the trio leave their Parisian five-star hotel, The Ritz, on Friday.
The Lady M is preparing for the French leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour.
You'd think little Mercy James would be scared out of her mind adjusting to a new fam, but she looks like she's fitting in well.

Traveling Circus.

The latest stop for Brit on her worldwide Circus tour is Denmark.
Here she is with the adorable (but needs to stop sucking on a pacifier) Jayden James.
I'm sure she had a blast out there....I really enjoyed Copenhagen, there were so many shops and cool little boutiques.
By the way, what do you think of her new hair color?? To me, nothing special, but anything that makes her look like she showered is always a plus....girl's had some hard times in the past.

Jon Gosselin In Saint-Tropez With New Girl And Christian Audigier first of all, look how far little Jon has come!
Just kidding, I'm on Team Jon, but anyway, he is here with his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. She is the daughter of the doctor who gave Kate her tummy tuck and they have supposedly been dating for awhile.
Next is the fact that he's in Saint-Tropez on a boat with Christian Audigier???
Well, the latest is that Jon and Christian are planning to do a kids line together.
Get it while you can Jon, it is nice to see that he and Kate are able to work out visitation for the kids. When Jon comes to see the kids for a few days at their mansion in PA, Kate leaves, and vice versa. I was wondering how all 8 kids were going to do sleepovers at his place in the city!

Kim K In The Fast Lane

Kim Kardashian gets her race on Saturday at the Pepsi Max Bullrun Rally at New York's Hotel Gansevoort.

So Now You Know Why I'm A Fan Of T.O.

Nothing to do with football ;)
His new reality show premieres July 20th.
It'll probably suck, but the ads are NICE :)