Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Madonna And David Chillin' In Malawi

For those who haven't heard....Madge is adopting another child from Malawi.
She and 3-year-old son David Banda explore the grounds of the Mphandula childcare center, built by her Raising Malawi charity, in Lilongwe, Malawi, on Monday.
She will face a judge Friday as part of her ongoing quest to adopt 3-year-old Mercy James.

Lauren Conrad On MTV Canada

She might have taken a break from her overpriced clothing line,
but LC always looks fab!
Season 5 of The Hills airs April 6th!

Taye Diggs Is Having His First Baby!

I worked on Private Practice a few weeks ago and watched his chocolately goodness on the bball court.
So, instead of being a hater....on his wifey for waking up to him....I'll say congrats and that's gonna be an adorable tot, since his wife, Idina Menzel, is gorgeous too!
The couple met in January 2003 during their production of Rent.

Monday, March 30, 2009

T-Pain Really In T (teeth) Pain???

During Lil Kim's video shoot for her new single “Download” featuring T-Pain on Friday, the shoot was interrupted when T-Pain injured himself on a golf cart. He reportedly suffered cuts and bruises to his face and lost at least four teeth.
Feel better T.

Queen Latifah And Her Dad....

They sure look like twins........

Kingston Is Getting So Big!

After a few years of bitterness over Gwen using the name I want for my first son :), it's nice to see how big 2 year old Kingston is getting. Here they are at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills on Sunday. They weren't alone: They were joined by daddy Gavin Rossdale (not pictured) and brother Zuma, 7 months.

Halle Not Sure About More Babies.....

Halle recently told Ellen Degeneres that mentally she'd say yes to more kids, but her body may not be physically up for it again.
As far as what her pregnancy did for the form of her body.....
I think her body looks even better!
Well, at least she leaves the rest of Hollywood room for the cutest baby because if she has another like Nahla, no one'll be able to compete :)

Ahh! My Girl Stacy Dash!!!!!

Here is the knock out in LA last night.
She's in her 40's and is absolutely one of the most beautifully aging women I've ever seen!

Ugh! Gorgeous....

I love this cover of Angelina...I'm sure some retouching is done, but it still looks fab!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kimora, Absolutely Adorable!

I LOVE this shirt!!

Angel Lola Luv "No Panties"

So I guess this video chick, model, whatever is now taking a shot at the rap game.
So Angel Lola Luv gives a performance at the The Investment Club at Luckie Food Lounge in Atlanta last night. Guess she appropriately promoted her single titled “No Panties” by wearing no panties.
Ummm, yuck.

Halle Gets Down On Ellen!

I can't wait to see this episode when it airs March 31st!
Can Halle get anymore beautiful?

Whoa! TI Confirms Janet And JD Are Married.

On the last episode of TI's Road To Redemption, he slipped up and told a classroom full of kids that Janet was married.

In the scene, students were asking him questions:
Little boy: If you had choice between Mary J. Blige or Janet Jackson, who would you marry?
T.I: Well they’re both married, so I wouldn’t marry a married woman.

No surprise here, now let's see if she's hiding a baby under all those layers..

RiRi's Club Adventures: Bar Deluxe

The next guy on the Rihanna hookup rumor list...Brody Jenner!
Here she is looking fab at Bar Deluxe last night.
I love it, as long as she's not with Chris Brown, I'm always happy to post her, plus I adore her outfits!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Valerie Looks Great!

I'm really happy for Valerie Bertinelli getting down to her ideal weight and to be 48 years old, good for her!
It's great to see another example of how we can all accomplish goals if we put our minds to it.

Well, She Says She's Not Pregnant....

Here are Janet and Jermaine leaving the Waverly Inn in NY last night.
She sure is wearing A LOT of layers lately.....time will tell...

Rihanna Steps Out To Nobu

Ahhhh....what fun it must be to be young and rich!
Here is the Pop Princess hitting up Nobu in LA last night.
Is it me or is she starting to morph into Michael Jackson??

Kim Kardashian's Cellulite..Yay, She's Human, Get Over It.

Everyone knows about airbrushing and somehow every time the public sees the pre airbrushed pics, it's a shocker...please. I like her real pic better anyway, she looks great.

Watch Out For Vanessa Bryant!

According to former housekeeper Maria Jimenez, Vanessa called her “lazy, slow, dumb, a f—ing liar, and f—ing sh-t.” In the lawsuit filed in Superior Court in Orange County, Jimenez claims Vanessa accused her of stealing her (mouth) retainer.

Vanessa has also embarrassed her in front of Kobe, the children, and others in the household. When Jimenez wanted to quit, Kobe talked her out of it.

After Jimenez put an expensive blouse in the washer. Vanessa demanded that Jimenez put her hand in a bag of dog feces to retrieve the price tag for the blouse.

Jimenez says she wanted to quit and Vanessa responded that she “had to work until payday to pay for the $690 blouse, which she did.”

You know, I just don't understand, is an ex-video ho worth all the bitchiness and negativity? If you think her children don't pick up on that, think again.

Meagan Good And Those Leggings Still Going Strong!

Meagan Good and her man, Thomas Jones attended the Sony Ericsson VIP Party at Liv Nightclub in Miami. Even amidst all the rumors of Jones cheating on her.
Man, I thought Lindsay Lohan killed tights on a daily basis, but Megan...you can't show up to every event in those damn tights! We get it, you have a great body, we get it.

Rihanna's New Tat....

Well, I am a big fan of hers and I have the same tattoo of the stars going down my back, but a gun....interesting. I guess it's her business, but why place an image of violence on your body forever?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Love Teyana Taylor!

I had to borrow these pics from mediatakeout.com of Teyana taking cell pics...
she's gorgeous and I am a huge fan of her hairstyle!

Patrick Swayze's Lastest Photos

This is truly heartbreaking....cancer sucks and it's sad what it does to the body.
I'll always love Patrick because of Dirty Dancing and I really wish him the best as he continues to battle the disease.

Fashion Passion Moment-Reese in RUFFLES!!!

I ADORE ruffles!! They are so feminine and soft.
I'm still searching to see who designed this number but yesterday Reese was looking like the streets of NY were her runway in this ensemble. VERY Fierce!

Beyonce Accuses Ciara Of Stealing Her Style

I love Bey, but she is the last to talk about jockin' style honestly.
Bet if those checks where to stop coming in, none of that would even matter anymore.
Get over it, it's fashion, everyone jacks everyone else.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Damon Dash and Rachel Roy To Divorce

It's about time! She's an amazing designer and he's Mr. Bitter over his life w/o Jay.
Sorry Dame, she's outta your league.....

RiRi Shops For A New Home

Rihanna out and about with a realtor looking at homes in LA yesterday.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Love Perez Hilton But......

Here is Perez, Kanye, and Amber at SXSW over the weekend.
Who's Aunt Gladys did he steal that hat from?! HA!

Whoa Stretchmarks!!

Many of you may remember Delishus from Flavor of Love. Why or WHO told her to wear this?!?!?!
Poor child.

Nikki Cox and Jay Mohr At A Knicks Game

Look at Nikki! I don't think I can say much more than....
WTF?!?! Ewww! I just threw up in my mouth!
Is that what's hot in the streets these days???
K, done.

Do You Think We Are That Stupid LeAnn

Now LeAnn and her husband insist on making sure they get photographed making out.
This is so wrong for 2 reasons:
1.) Honey, you were caught on video with another man, give it up.
2.) We all know your husband is gay, so stop acting, let him go, and find a single, straight man that will rock your world.

Fresh Complex Cover With Yeezy

I can't lie, this is hot.
Lord knows he doesn't need his ego blown up anyone.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brooke "HO"gan In Miami

I meant to post this earlier, but this chick whore, I mean "wore" this outfit to a performance and then jumped on a stripper pole on stage.
Remember the days when she acted like she was such a "good girl"?
Then there's good ole daddy in the crowd with his girlfriend who resembles his daughter...gross.

Rihanna Continues The Club Scene

Here she is leaving Les Deux last week. I'm sure she had a ball because Katy Perry and Hayden Panetierre were there and they are now single. (Umm, Hayden was up in there partying hard and is only 19...Hollywood.)
I really hope the rumors are true that she and Chris Brown broke up.
I swear she has the SICKEST stylist in the game!
I love everything she wears!

That Baby Bump Is Growing!

So excited for Nicole and Joel's next baby! Harlow is so damn cute!
That belly was in full effect at the What Comes Around Goes Around Fall 2009 Collection Launch at Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles last week.

Ugh, I Don't Even Know Why I Post Her!

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston grabbed lunch at Studio Cafe in Studio City this afternoon with Miley’s parents.
It blows my mind how this 20 yr old fame whore is living with this 16 yr old girl!!!
What did her mom Tish take her to get birth control? If not, the pregnancy rumors will be started this year, you watch.

Natasha Richardson's Funeral

Family and friends gathered together for Natasha Richardson's funeral at St. Peter's Church in Millbrook, New York on Sunday (March 22).
I love Liam Neeson, he seems like such a strong man. Very much like his character in Taken (check that movie out if you haven't seen it...fab).
Glad the boys are surrounded by such a strong family.

I Love What A Business Woman Jessica Is!

Jessica Simpson got her hustle on Saturday for the launch of her "Fancy" fragrance at Dillards Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale, Arizona.
She's really turning into a Martha Stewart with branding and here's the great thing...her stuff is CUTE!
Not like the rest of these celebs (Paris Hilton..cough, cough) who put their name on anything tacky.
Fierce shoes, bags, etc....work it girl, I'm trying to be like you when I grow up :)

Britney At Circus Tour After Party In Montreal

Here is Ms. Spears attending her after party at Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal, Canada Friday night.
She looks great and as usual, I'm always happy for her.
Guess not having creeps around you slipping drugs in your food does wonders for your mentality!

It's Katie And Princess Of The World In Bev Hills!

I guess I should stop because Suri is just a baby, but I can't help getting annoyed seeing kids that are spoiled rotten.
She is adorable though! Crazy that she'll be 3 next month!
Mommy and her little princess leave Sunday brunch at Le Pain Quotidien bakery in Beverly Hills.

Okay Christina, You Can Stop Denying You And The Dream

I love how people get caught gettin' their affection on and continue to deny their relationships.
Looks like Ms. Milian is workin' for that next hit record...lemme guess, I'm sure it'll be some track w/ her, The Dream, Lil Wayne, and of course T-Pain.....I happy for her though, I'm rooting for her to come out with the hot record for the summer.
Good news is that atleast she darkened those roots because highlight marker yellow hair was not workin' girlfriend.

Friday, March 20, 2009

LeAnn Rimes and Co-Star Caught Kissing on Videotape

Both LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian are both married, but I guess I'm not surprised about LeAnn because she's married to a gay man! Someone had to give it to her...didn't have to be a married someone with kids though!

Nicole Richie...Photo Shoot Fierceness

Work It.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

So Sad, Natasha Richardson Dies

Natasha Richardson has died after suffering head injuries from a fall on a Canadian ski slope Monday. She was 45.

Her family released the following statement:

"Liam Neeson, his sons, and the entire family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Natasha. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time."

So sad, a person is here one moment and gone the next.

More Of Frankies At Sheree's Party

Lord Help Keyshia Cole's Mom!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Love Bush....Reggie That Is!

I only have one thing to say............HELLO!!!
Good Lord that is some chocolaty goodness right there!!
Oh yeah, Kim looks gorgeous as usual......
Great spread for the April edition of GQ.

Wow, Neffie's Pregnant AGAIN?!?!

Damn, Keyshia Cole's sister Neffie is one fertile mofo. For all of you fans familiar with Keyshia's reality show, you know that Neffie is pregnant on the reg.
I do like her fiance Soullow and he comes across as a good man, she deserves some goodness.