Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oprah Gets More Puppies!

Phew! This woman has dogs galore! Oprah can do whatever she wants tho :)

The talk show queen celebrated her 56th birthday on Jan. 29 with two new family members, 14-week-old springer spaniel siblings Sunny and Lauren!

Introducing them to her studio audience, the daytime dive said, "I did decide, though, to get myself a little birthday gift this year. Actually, I thought I'd get myself two," she said. "I want you to meet my two new babies."

The pups came from Chicago's PAWS, a no-kill shelter where she also met Sadie, a blonde cocker spaniel she adopted last year. She asked the shelter for help finding the springer spaniels. "They just arrived in time for my birthday," Oprah said. "They could have been euthanized if they weren't adopted. Can you believe that? And now they're gonna go home with me."

I love that she chooses to go to a shelter.

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