Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heidi. The Idiot.

I'm sorry, I'm totally judging her but just read this cover!!

She tells People Magazine she's obsessed but then goes on GMA and says she's not. I will admit her face doesn't look as long as it did since the chin reduction but......
I thought her first implant size was fine, now she went even RIDICULOUSLY bigger?!!! Looks gross when breasts are stretched so tight to fit a large implant in. Plus this fool thinks she can go around and act as the most religious female out thinking that will take peoples' minds away from the fact that she's another small town girl who let Hollywood get to her head. (p.s. her tweets to Miley Cyrus...I'm gagging w/ the holier than thou b.s.) Jesus take the wheel.
And look at her nose. Another surgery. First one was fine. This one still has her looking ok but you can tell she's getting closer to that Jackson nose...if she has another surgery I'm sure it'll start caving in at some point. Even if this is her last surgery, doesn't she know that when her face starts to age, she's really gonna look effed up?!?! She'll prob just keep going.....stupid girl.

What she had done in one day:
1. mini brow lift
2. botox
3. nose job revision
4. fat injections in the cheeks
5. chin reduction
6. neck liposcution
7. ears pinned back
8. breast augmentation revision
9. liposuction on waist, hips, thighs
10. buttock augmentation

....23 years old.

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