Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rihanna Paris Fashion Week Recap!

Ok, to me she's the most interesting celeb at Paris Fashion Week as far as fashion-wise, so here it is:

Leaving her hotel on Thursday. Rockin' the harem pants, lace bustier, and hot blazer and who's show is she heading to? Balmain of course! I adore, edgy, timeless.

Here she is at the Givenchy Pret-à-Porter show,  her black jacket is from the line's Haute Couture collection.

Here she is at the fashion event of all events....CHANEL!!! To see a Chanel show in Paris....what an effin' dream come true! Ok, so if you look close, she's rockin' an asymmetrical jumpsuit. Probably my least fave of all the outfits. There's a pic of her in Chanel at the end that's sick!

Here she fierced up her Martin Margiela  LBD with a shoulder-high white glove. Tres chic!

As I mentioned last week, love her workin this nude piece with these sick Mary Janes, starting fashion week out right!

Next we have her in thigh-high suede boots and an oversized blazer at the Vivienne Westwood show. 

This was quite a show-stopper.....thigh-high boots, garters, and clear glasses to go with her Hussein Chalayan piece at the designer's show.

Now, just guess where she is headed with an S&M-inspired bra and a cutout jacket???
Jean Paul Gaultier's runway show...that's definitely a Gaultier piece!

Here's another piece I posted earlier. A definite change from the edginess she usually oozes. Looking demure, yet young and sexy as she heads to the Dior show.

 This final look is the BEST!!! CHANEL SHOW!!!! Chanel tweed pencil skirt, bustier, logo-bag and mounds of pearl and gold necklaces as she poses at the label's show.
Here she is taking the AMAZING classic style of Chanel and bringing a modern twist with the bustier.

Finally, I'd like to give a shoutout to Rihanna's stylist extraordinaire Mariel Haenn! She following forecasting trends and has really taken this young woman to another level with her style choices. I tend to forget Rihanna's in the music biz b/c she's become so famous for her style!

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