Monday, October 26, 2009

Mel.Oh.Drama.'s Shredded Inspiration

Since the shredded tee is the most popular in sales and inquiries, I thought I'd answer the "Where did you get the inspiration for this tee" question.
I have personally adored the shredded tee since I fell in love with Raquel Allegra last year!
She's amazing, so chic and so now.

Her tees are made from old tshirts from prisoners of the LA County jails. She then does a whole process of cleaning, dyeing, and shredding to each shirt. This is what inspired our Eco-Destroyed tee:

Our goal is to produce cool tees using eco-friendly fabrics that provide comfort and an affordable price.                         
Once I checked out Raquel,  wanted to see who else is on the shredded scene:

Pure for Raw 7, seen on Lindsay Lohan $208
Shredded tee by Obesity and Speed $143            

So there you have it, we retail the shredded tee at $50 but they are currently on sale for $34.99!
I must say I am so excited that big tops, tights, and boots are so in right now!

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