Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow, It's A Carter Family Sleepover!

Toya had a sleepover in Atlanta for her and Little Wayne's daughter Reginae. Wayne brought his son Dewayne Michael Carter III. His son's mom was also there. So let's put this in order:
-Wayne went to his daughters birthday and brought his 1 year old son.
-Lauren London just had his 2nd son a few months ago.
-Nivea just had his 3rd son yesterday.
....Ok, I think I covered his sperm trail for the past year and a half.
Great party and so sweet how close Toya and Reginae are :)


  1. they all look so sweet. lil wayne lookin good as always, reginae looks so cute as always and toya looking stunning as always keep it up, y'all doin a great job raising and taking care of the angel. she will grow to be a wonderful person because of her wonderful parents :)

  2. Lil Wayne Is A Whore. Why Is He Popping Out All These Baby's ? Use A Condom Next Time.

  3. I wouldn't mind havein a baby by Lil Wayne he's sexy as fuck

  4. Well at least he takes care of his kids and doesn't neglect them I'm sure most people would if they had the same amount of kids as he does

  5. ill have his baby , thats my effing husband . love my Wezzy baby

  6. i wish ppl wud stop worrying bout lil waynes sperm... hell its his. he can do wateva with it.. hell come this way and drop some...lol jus kidding