Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chris Brown Gets Sentenced

The judge has ordered 180 days of community labor as well as felony probation for 60 months.

The judge also ordered him to enroll in a community service program, Commonwealth Catholic Charities, for a 52 week domestic violence program.

The R&B singer will have a protective order forcing him to stay away from Rihanna for 5 years - as he's also required to submit DNA samples as requested by authorities.

TMZ reports tell that "the judge just said she is aware of the 'chatter' on the airwaves (talking about rumors that Brown has been in touch with Rihanna) - adding that she means business and will violate his probation if he dares violate the terms."

This will be interesting because there has supposedly been many sightings of the two together. What's really funny is I had a dream last night that the two were running from the paps, jumped in my car, and begged me to take them somewhere to hide!! Lol! Why I had this dream, I don't know, but if they are caught together, it'll be good for both of them to get a lesson on how dumb it is to continue an abusive relationship.

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