Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lamar Speaks On The Quickie Wedding

“I’ve been a rock star, been on my own. Since I was 16. … doing it (marriage) so fast, there were a lot of family members who couldn’t even agree. So I can imagine what it would look like to the outside person not involved in my life everyday.
“I fell in love and the reason why I knew I was in love was because, I knew how I felt when I wasn’t with that person or if she was no longer in my life. I’ve been in L.A. ten years and never had a problem meeting women.
“The first team I was on, they never won a game and people thought they were going to win a game because they had me on the team, (so women said) ‘oh man, he’s not ugly … (I) like him.’
“And then I moved to Miami and we all know what that scene is like down there. And then back here. And then I’m in L.A. and we just so happen to win a championship. So whether a woman work at Burger King or she was model that we all know by name, it never was a problem.
“But I finally met the one that I knew if had I lost her, it would hurt the most.”

Wow, you found all that out in one month? Idiot Good for you.
I either think Khloe's preg or maybe she's about to launch something new and needs the press??
It'll be interesting to see what happens after the first three months, that's when they'll really get to know each other.

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