Monday, July 20, 2009

More Frankie Drama!

Family....can't live with them, can't live without them.
I wish Frankie would relax for a second...I'm sure this is a strain on Keyshia always hearing or dealing with her mom being a hot mess in public.
You can take 'em out the hood....well we know the rest.
Anyway, here's the latest drama that went down according to FreddyO:

The altercation took place at Ryan’s Anniversary party 2 weeks ago and was really just a misunderstanding. Frankie wanted to take a picture with Chili cause she’s her biggest fan.

All I am going to say is Frankie had too many drinks and her alter-ego took over. Chili who was doing an interview at the time was caught by surprise when Frankie ran over to give her a hug. Frankie didn’t like Chili’s return hug.

Chili then walked to where Yung Joc was standing not thinking anything of it and started conversing with him. Out of nowhere, here comes Frankie leaping on top of me trying to get Chili and pushing everyone out of the way in the process.

“You think you better than me,” ” You think you better than me” again Frankie shouted to Chili. Remember, by this time Frankie was officially lit! Chili asked if she was ok and then Frankie tries to grab her again. Chili pushed her hand away and stating “Are you serious?”

Frankie then yelled “my daughter is better than you any way.”

Frankie then later went on Ryan Cameron’s radio show and apologized to Chili. She said it was all just a misunderstanding:

Frankie also talked about how industry people treat her like crap, “They treat me like I’m still a crackhead” she said almost seeming as if she was a about to cry. Frankie is a really sweet person,everyone has their own issues, she just cuts a fool at any given time especially when there’s liquor around. She said I really dont remember anything from that day but she wanted her to know(Chili) that she was sorry.

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